Credit Suisse

Research and Insights
  • Evaluated the companyʼs annual D&I survey and optimized the questions to elicit more functional responses
  • Analyzed survey data to develop recommendations for D&I programming that would meet the needs of each employee resource group
Strategic Communications
  • Led a communications and programming re-boot for Credit Suisse to better engage its employees in Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) activities
  1. Designed a comprehensive communications plan building on company’s initial need for a D&I brochure
  2. Led an extensive branding, messaging, and narrative-building exercise that helped form a narrative and lexicon for the D&I intranet site, brochures, presentations, case studies, and advertising
Process Improvements
  • Re-engineered the departmentʼs RFP and partnering process to help both the client and its potential partners think more strategically about what they could offer each other
  • Created a toolkit to help employee resource groups put policies, procedures, and programs into action. The toolkit defined D&I roles and responsibilities and contained step-by-step guides and templates to manage events and report successes